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Should You Get Your Child a Reptile?

August 1 2021

Is your child fascinated by dinosaurs? Many youngsters go through this phase. This often happens around the time that kids start wanting to get their own pet. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As it turns out, reptiles can make great kids’ pets. However, there are some things to consider. A Langford, BC vet offers some insight on this below.


Reptiles actually are very cute. While they aren’t as personable as dogs, cats, and bunnies, they do have personalities. They also don’t make noise, don’t need training, and won’t leave messes on the floor. They are also great options for kids that have allergies, since they don’t produce dirt and dander.


There are a few downsides to getting a reptile. One of the bigger ones is the fact that they need custom diets, which generally consist of things most people refer to as creepy-crawlies, such as mice and bugs. You’ll need to make regular trips to the pet store. Many reptiles do need certain conditions, which will require special equipment. You’ll need to have a backup power source, in case the power ever goes out. Sanitation is another concern. Some reptiles and amphibians, such as turtles, carry salmonella. Your child will need to wash their hands carefully both before and after handling their pet.


Choosing pets for kids can be tricky waters to navigate. It’s all too common for children to beg for a pet, only to lose interest in them. This is one reason that reptiles can be a great option: many are quite easy keepers. Your little one will need to provide fresh water daily, and spot clean their tank. They’ll also need to thoroughly clean the cage regularly. Feeding schedules will depend on the type of pet you get, so ask your vet for more information.

Choosing The Reptile

Picking the right reptile may be half the battle. Look for something that’s cute, docile, and easy to care for. Size is another thing to consider. Make sure you research the reptile’s expected adult size. Some of these guys get very, very big! You’ll also want to look at life expectancy. That all said, some of our top picks would be bearded dragons, green anole lizards, corn snakes, and Pacman frogs. 

Do you have questions or concerns about reptile care? Contact us, your Langford, BC animal clinic, today! 

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