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Helping Your Cat Recover From Surgery

November 1 2021

Is your cat having surgery soon? Whether your kitty is undergoing a routine spay/neuter procedure or having an operation to address a medical issue, it can be quite stressful sending your furry buddy to the hospital. Giving your furry friend great aftercare will definitely help. Here, a Langford, BC vet offers some advice on helping Fluffy recover.

Offer A Comfy Bed

When you bring Fluffy home, she’ll probably be drowsy and want to go to sleep, just as you would after a medical procedure. Make sure your pet has a clean, comfy bed to recuperate in.

Protect Stitches

Cats often instinctively lick or nibble at their stitches. Your vet may recommend an Elizabethan collar or an inflatable one. Fluffy won’t be happy about this, but it will help facilitate good healing.

Keep Kitty Quiet

Fluffy will heal more quickly if she can rest quietly. If it’s just you and your feline pal, you can probably keep her bed in its usual spot. However if you have other pets or children, you may want to set your kitty up in a quiet room so she can recuperate in peace.


Giving a cat a pill isn’t fun, but it’s a necessary evil. Pill pockets may help with this. You may also be able to trick your pet with tuna or raw hamburger.

Follow Instructions

Your vet will give you specific after-care instructions. These will address things like medications, dietary restrictions, and general do’s and don’ts. Read these carefully and follow them to the letter. If you have any questions, contact your vet for clarification.

Watch For Warning Signs

These will vary a little, depending on the type of surgery your kitty needs. However, some general red flags would include swelling, redness, pus, or discoloration at the surgical site; foul odors; ripped stitches; and bleeding. Fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and respiratory issues are also signs that something is wrong. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these.

Offer TLC

Pets often want to be cuddled and comforted when they don’t feel well. You should avoid picking Fluffy up until your vet gives the all-clear. However, you can pet her and talk to her. Just knowing that you are close by may reassure her.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Langford, BC animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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