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5 Reasons To Play With Your Dog Daily

August 15 2021

Does your dog get super excited when he spots a new toy? Does Fido sometimes bring you one of his favorite playthings, hoping you’ll play with him? Man’s Best Buddy has many adorable traits, but his playful behavior is one of the cutest. As it turns out, a vigorous session of Fetch or Tug O War can benefit your canine buddy in many ways. In this article, a Langford, BC vet lists some reasons to play with your pup daily.


Just like people, dogs need proper exercise to stay healthy. Playing is great for your pet physically! Even a few minutes of running and jumping can help keep Fido fit. Playing can also help keep your pooch from gaining weight after eating all of those treats. Just be sure to choose games and activities that are safe and suitable for your four-legged pal. For instance, some dogs should not be encouraged to run. For others, standing and jumping too much can lead to hip and joint issues. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Dogs are very smart, and they can get rather bored just lounging about. Those daily play sessions are a great way to break up Fido’s day, and beat the Bored Doggy Blues!


When you take time to hold a rope or toss a ball or stick for your furry friend to chase, he’ll know that you’re doing something for him. This is a great way to make Fido feel loved. (It’s also a surefire way to get that cute tail going!)

Curb Zoomies

Dogs are all unique. Some are basically couch potatoes, while others run around like furry, four-legged rockets. If your pooch falls into the latter category, he may need vigorous workouts to help him burn off some of that zing. If you can tire Fido out, he’ll probably be more interested in a nap afterwards than in chasing the cat around. As the saying says, tired dogs are good dogs! 

It’s Cute!

There are few things more adorable than a dog hard at play. Fido is absolutely charming when he is joyfully running and bouncing around, just enjoying being a dog. We suspect that these daily play sessions will lift your spirits as well!

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Langford, BC animal clinic, today!

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